Place: Mancos Public Library
Date: April 11
Exploring Haiku and Haibun / April 11
Discover writing Haibuns using a meditative, process-oriented approach.
Place: Cowboy Forge
Date: Feb 7th
Flower Making Workshop / Feb 8
Create your choice of a rose, iris, tulips, pansy, daffodil, or lily.
Place: Mancos Public Library
Date: Saturday / February 15
Metal Embossing Workshop / Feb 15
Engage in the meditative art of embossing and painting metal
Place: Artist Studio
Date: January 25th
Mosaic Mirror Workshop / Jan 25th
immerse yourself in the colorful and creative world of mosaics
Place: Mancos Public Library
Date: March 7th
Personalized Insight Wisdom Cards / Mar 7
Using a variety of mixed media, the final deck comprises a creative
Place: Artist Studio
Date: May 3 & 10
Stained Glass May 3 & 10
Create a finished stained glass window - using a variety of colored/textured
Place: Mancos Common Press
Date: February 8th
Valentine’s Letterpress Card Class / Feb 8
Customize and print your own Valentine cards!
Place: Mancos Public Library
Date: March 28th
Writing From the Heart / Mar 28
Discover ways to free the voice inside and embrace your inherent capacity