Place: Artist Studio
Date: Saturday / June 29th
Beyond Beginning Watercolor / June 29th
Expand your work with watercolor!
Place: Artrist Studio
Date: June 29th
Create Leather Cuffs / Jun 29th
Create your own leather cuffs -from start to finish.
Place: Artist Studio Mancos
Date: August 3rd
Painting Streams and Waterfalls with Watercolor / Aug 3
Learn how to paint running water, still water, and waterfalls with watercolor.
Place: Artist Studio & Mancos Area
Date: July 15 & 16
Plein Air Painting Colorado at it’s best – Fall! / Sept. 26 & 27
Paint on location with Veryl Goodnight and learn valuable Plein Air techniques.
Place: Mancos Library and Area Rivers
Date: August 2 & 3
The Simple Art of Japanese Tenkara / August 2 – 3
The Ancient Practice of Fixed-Line Fly Fishing for Trout
Place: Mancos Makers Space
Date: Saturday 10-3
Willow Weaving / SOLD OUT
Create your own willow panel for indoor or out.
Place: Mancos Makers Space
Date: Saturday / July 20th
Willow Weaving / July 20th
Create a beautiful willow panel for your home or garden
Place: Artist Studio Mancos
Date: July 13th
Wishing You Could Paint with Watercolor? / July 13
Beginning Watercolor Class