Workshop Overview

Wood Photo Transfer

Students will learn how to successfully transfer photos onto wood using a very simple and user-friendly process and will leave with a finished product. Although not applied, I will be discussing other methods of transfer and how to work with raw wood. This will be a 4 hour class with a 1 hour break in the middle for lunch, making for a total of 5 hours.

All Levels

Saturday / March 9th
10 – 3 PM


  • Introduction. Discussion on photography. How I learned the transfer process.
  • Fitting of the paper to wood. Transfer of the paper.
  • Lunch Hour. Allows the product to dry.
  •  The shedding of the excess paper and the buffing of the image
  • Finishing touches. Class wrap up.


Materials Provided:
Cloths for buffing

Please Bring:
A 6″ x9″ print out of a photo of your choice on plain printer paper (no wrinkles)
An 8oz bottle of Mod Podge
A painting sponge or large painting brush
An old credit card or something similar
Clothing you don’t care about

$75.00 per person

Mt. Lookout Grange
Mancos, Colorado

Minimum 5 students; Maximum 12 students

Tiffany Jacot (Au Fond Photo)

About the Artist:

I am Tiffany Jacot. A local photographer and artist. This year I have taken the leap to follow my passion in the arts. This included the selling of all of my belongings and backpacking across Central America alone. In that time I was able to focus solely on my photography and develop my style. While on my travels, I came across the method of transferring photos to wood at museum in Mexico. I fell in love with the technique because it gave me an opportunity to physically interact with an art that was mostly digital. Upon returning to the states, I was able to make an entire collection within a week and began selling my art at local markets. Since then I have mastered the process and am excited to share my knowledge in the medium.

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Workshop Details
Course ID : Wood Photo Transfer
Date : March 9th
Place : Mt. Lookout Grange / Mancos
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Tiffany Jacot
Tiffany Jacot