Workshop Overview

Traditional Animal Processing

In this explorative and original ‘farm to table’ course, we will embrace our intimate connection to the food we eat. With expert instruction and care, our group will harvest and process a domestic animal (most likely a sheep) from a living animal to a culinary masterpiece. In addition to a focus on butchering, preparing, and cooking meat, the course will include hide tanning, sinew making, awl and tool production, skull preservation, and other arts of zero-waste animal processing. This hands-on 3 day course will culminate with a community feast for close friends and family of participants. Although this course is centered around a domestic animal, the techniques apply to hunted game as well.

April 12-14
9:00-5:00 each day
Feast Sunday night at 5:00

$345.00 per person

Burk Ranch
38359 Rd H
Mancos, CO 81328


  • Learning Objectives:
  • Participants will understand the history of our relationship to meat and its importance throughout human history
  • Participants will understand and explore the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects present in the relationship between humans and animals.
  • Participants will learn how to select and use an appropriate knife or knives for processing an animal, and learn the art of maintaining and sharpening a knife.
  • Participants will learn and be actively engaged in the process of slaughtering, butchering, and processing an animal into meat.
  • Participants will learn and be actively engaged in cooking meat in a variety of techniques and as part of a vast network of culinary creations.


  • Notebook and pen, a sharp knife, ideally with a sheath rather than a folding knife (I will have loaners if people need), comfortable pants, durable clothes, a lunch, snacks, and plenty of water.

Minimum 4 students; Maximum 10 students

Alex Bond / Instructor

About the Artist:

Alex is an artist and sculptor who has crafted a tremendously wide range of artistic pieces using a variety of mediums including: metal art, blacksmithing, stone carving, bowl turning, spoon carving, and nature arts.

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Course ID : Traditional Animal Processing / Apr 12-14
Date : April 12-14
Place : Burk Ranch
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Alex Bond
Alex Bond
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