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Create a Spirit Doll or Fancy Figures In Gourd Art / ALL LEVELS

Design a doll using wood burning, cutting and carving techniques. Learn how to draw lines and transfer patterns. Color with dyes and/or acrylic paints, then add the finishing touch of feathers, fur, leather, beads and/or other embellishments to create your very own unique doll. The only limit is your own imagination. There are NO rules! Create a doll with ATTITUDE!! Put your own personality into your creation and let the mysterious side of yourself come out & play. Naming her is a must!
Participants will learn how to create a doll with 2 or more pieces of gourd along with a base. How to properly secure and then hide any connections & weighing the base of the doll correctly. Transfer patterns, draw lines, wood burn, adding feathers/fur along with other embellishments to create your own version of a Spirit Doll/Fancy Lady.

April 6th
10 – 4 PM

Bring a Lunch and dress warm.


Location – 33701 Rd. K.8   Mancos, CO
Phone – 209-404-4694

Minimum 3 students; Maximum 5 students

Janice Reich / Gourd Artist

About the Artist:
Fascinated with all the different aspects of how a gourd can be transformed Janice started her education through books & classes. Her talent has flourished and her passion as a gourd artist was quickly reinforced with multiple awards.

Janice helps her students allow their art to take on the natural form of the gourd that then becomes intertwined with other components. Each shape gives opportunity and inspiration for a unique design – with surprises along the way

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Workshop Details
Course ID : Spirit Dolls November
Date : June 9th
Place : Mancos Artist Studio
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Janice Reich
Janice Reich
Gourd Artist