Workshop Overview

Liars, Criminals, and Lovers: Entering the World of Fiction

Writer Lisa C. Taylor discovers characters everywhere—getting off a bus, holding hands in a convalescent home. This workshop will challenge you to use your powers of observation and imagination to write fiction. You will leave with tools for addressing creative blocks as well as new techniques for crafting stories. This is a hands-on workshop so bring your imagination, your laptop, or a notebook and pen.

All Levels

Saturday / June 15th
10-3 with lunch break

$75.00 per person


Objective 1: To teach participants the components of short fiction, in theory and practice including point-of-view, descriptive detail, and use of time and setting

Objective 2: To offer participants a safe environment to explore the stories most important to them

Objective 3: To encourage risk-taking in the writing process

Sample Activities:

1.Interrogate your main characters. Be the cop and shine a flashlight in their faces. Refuse to let them get out of explaining everything. Fire questions at them. Be relentless.

2.Choose an existing story or start a new one. Insert the following sentences (changing the pronoun as necessary) Suddenly he remembered that he had forgotten to_______________________. The smell of _____________ brought her back_______________________. The last time she had worn this______________ was when_______________. Her mother had always warned her that__________________________. Something seemed different_____________________________. She suspected that__________________________.


Laptop, notebook, pen, open-mindedness and imagination

Mancos Maker’s Space
Mancos, Colorado

Minimum 5 students; Maximum 12 students

Lisa C. Taylor / Writing

About the Instructor:

I think about imagination and creativity and its place in our fast-paced world. For me, writing has always been a way of slowing down. The music and the layers of a poem or story are something to savor. My favorite writers (and they change regularly) can be read over and over. I’ve been a therapist, a professor, a waitress, a medical records clerk, and a writer-in-residence. I’ve been a writer as long as I can remember. I strive to write in a way that reflects an emotional truth, if not an actual truth. I am the author of two collections of short fiction, most recently Impossibly Small Spaces (Arlen House/Syracuse University Press, 2018), four collections of poetry; most recently Necessary Silence (Arlen House/Syracuse University Press, 2013), and a collaborative collection with Irish poet and writer Geraldine Mills, The Other Side of Longing (Arlen House/Syracuse University Press 2011). My honors include a Surdna Arts Teaching Fellowship, the Elizabeth Shanley Gerson Lecture at University of Connecticut (with Geraldine Mills), the Hugo House New Works Fiction Award, and Pushcart nominations in both fiction and poetry.

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Course ID : Enter the world of Fiction
Date : June 15th
Place : Mancos Makers Space
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Lisa C. Taylor
Lisa C. Taylor