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Homemade Pasta Workshop

In this hands on class you will learn how to make a semolina pasta dough used for making lasagna, ravioli, or to be cut as fettuccine or even pappardelle. We will be making this dough the traditional way like my Italian ancestors, without the use of a pasta machine. As a class we will then assemble a delicate seafood lasagne that will melt in your mouth and impress your dinner guests! You will learn the art of making a Veloute sauce used in this lasagne recipe, but can be used in many other recipes. Don’t miss out on this class. Your pasta dishes will never be the same again!

Saturday / November 2nd
9:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.


– Students will learn how to make homemade pasta dough, to be used in a variety of pasta dishes.

– They will learn the art of making Veloute sauce, used in the assembly of a delicate seafood lasagne which we will have for lunch.

– Each student will leave with their pasta dough, either cut or uncut, their choice.


$75.00 per person + $5.00 material fee due at the time of the class


  • Instructor will provide all the ingredients used in making the pasta and the lasagne.
  • Students should bring rolling pin, apron, mixing bowl, cookie sheet used to take home pasta, drink of your choice
  • WARNING – The seafood lasagne does have shell fish

The Mancos Mt. Lookout Grange
Commercial Kitchen

Minimum 4 students; Maximum 6 students

Jana Goldstein / Instructor

About the Artist:

Jana began her culinary career in the same manner as many do. She was born into it! Her Italian grandparents and both of her parents loved to cook!  An early exposure to great food sparked a passion that continues to this day. 

She trained at Zona Spray Cooking School,  an accredited cooking school in Hudson, Ohio. Her training lead her to a position in the cooking school.   She worked along side many professional chefs that taught at Zona Spray Cooking School,  including Michael Symon (The Chew).

Her love of food, cooking and healthy eating lead to a 21 year personal chef/catering business. She has since retired from her catering business, but the love of food has lead her to sharing her knowledge in a classroom environment. 

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