Workshop Overview


The skill that started it all: FIRE!

This workshop will empower participants to create fire using natural materials. First, each participant will carve and sculpt local materials in oder to build their own bow drill or hand drill set. Then, members of the workshop will master the art of friction fire.

Each participant will leave the course with a fully functional friction fire set to challenge family and friends.

All Levels

Saturday / December 8th
10 – 3 PM


  • Understand the history of fire and its importance throughout human history
  • Identify several native plant species, and will understand the characteristics of each species as pertains to their use of friction fire.
  • Learn the process of constructing a friction fire set, including material selection, wood carving, knot tying, and the physics of fire.
  • Understand the process and activity of creating a friction fire


  • 10:00 AM: Welcome, Introduction to One Another and to Fire
  • 10:30 AM: Friction Fire Demonstration
  • 11:00 AM: Friction Fire Practice on Provided Sets
  • 12:00: Lunch 12:30: Introduction to Harvesting
  • 1:00: Short hike and self-guided harvesting
  • 2:00-3:00: Construction and utilization of personal fire sets


  • notebook and pen
  • sharp knife, ideally with a sheath rather than a folding knife (I will have loaners if people need),
  • a foam pad (optional for kneeling on hard ground),
  • comfortable pants,
  • durable clothes,
  • a lunch and snacks and plenty of water.

$45.00 per person

Mancos Maker’s Space
Mancos, Colorado

Minimum 4 students; Maximum 20 students

Alex Bond / Instructor

About the Artist:

Alex is an artist and sculptor who has crafted a tremendously wide range of artistic pieces using a variety of mediums including: metal art, blacksmithing, stone carving, bowl turning, spoon carving, and nature arts.

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Workshop Details
Course ID : Friction Fire
Date : December 8, 2017
Place : Mancos Makers Space
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Alex Bond
Alex Bond
Nature Arts