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Students will create a finished 10″ x 12″ stained glass window – using their choice of a variety of colored/textured glass. A “cartoon” design will be given which includes straight and curved edges for the student to learn to practice cutting glass into different shapes.

Adequate time will be spend practicing cutting glass, leading, soldering, and cementing your final creation. Additional time in the studio will be available Additional time in the studio will be available for any students who need more

All Levels

2 Consecutive Sundays
May 3 & 10
9 – 3 PM


The first Sunday will be spent in an introduction to the skills needed to complete a stained glass window. Most of the time will be spent practicing cutting glass,
Then students will choose the glass for their project and cut out all the pieces.
The second Sunday we will cut and place lead in between all the glass pieces and solder the lead-which will hold all pieces into place.

After that, we will add a cement mixture unique recipe for this purpose-and rub into all lead edges, to secure the glass even further. and make it available for indoor or outdoor use. Then we will clean and polish the glass and it will be ready for framing.


Bring apron if you have one.
All other materials will be included: glass, cutters, soldering iron, lead, flux, Stain Glass Primer book.

125.00 per person
Includes all materials

Artist Studio / 161 S Main Street
Mancos, Colorado

Minimum 3 students; Maximum 6 students

Susan Russo / Instructor

About the Artist:

Susan Russo has been making Stain Glass windows for over 40 years. She works in her studio in her home in Mancos.

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Course ID : Stained Glass May/Susan Russo
Date : May 3 & 10
Place : Artist Studio
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Susan Russo
Susan Russo
Stained Glass