Workshop Overview

Narrative Map-Making ~ Telling a Visual Story / ALL LEVELS

Inspired by historic maps that tell a story about a place through a combination of technical accuracy and imaginative illustration, students in this workshop will explore the process of telling a story (personal, imaginative or historical) through narrative map-making.

Rosie will guide the group through the creative process of developing a story idea and then using collage, text and other mixed media to tell that story in map form.  Rosie firmly believes there is no “right” way to make art or be creative and encourages a free approach to material use and means of expression.  Join her in exploring your own creativity and stories in this inventive map-making workshop.

Saturday / April 28, 2018
10am – 4pm
Bring a brown bag lunch


Sketchbook, favorite writing/sketching utensil(s), other favorite art supplies (if any), brown bag lunch. Rosie will supply map and grid paper and an array of art supplies and materials.


  • Practicing skills to energize the creative process – brainstorming, sketching with a combination of text and images
  • Identifying and developing a visual story – looking at and discussing historic illustrated maps, using that inspiration to turn personal events into locations on a map
  • Plotting the structure of a map – refining sketches and grid scaling method
  • Encouraging playfulness and exploration in materials use – using mixed media and collage to assemble the map

Artist Studio / Home & Range ~ 2409 E Empire St.  Cortez, CO

Minimum 5 students; Maximum 10 students

Rosie Carter/ Pen & Ink Illustration, Mixed Media, Map-Making

About the Artist:
A self-taught artist, Rosie grew up in a family of artists and entrepreneurs who placed a high value on creativity and innovation. This environment fostered an open approach to material use and means of expression that over the years she has applied to writing, design, printmaking, drawing and 3-D mixed media pieces. Rosie’s work is inspired by the intimate relationships between people and place, landscape and outlook, truth and invention. The wide skies and rugged landscapes of the Four Corners offer her endless inspiration for creating art and moving through every day.

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Workshop Details
Course ID : Narrative Map Making
Date : Saturday / April 28
Place : Artist Studio Cortez
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Rosie Carter
Rosie Carter
Pen & Ink Illustration, Mixed Media, Map-Making