Workshop Overview

Hanging Copper Horse Workshop/ ALL LEVELS

Learn to use tin snips to cut basic shape out of copper. Then add texture and patina the copper. You will learn basic enameling [torch and /or kiln firing] and use the results as decoration on the horse.
May 26th
BYO  Lunch
Proposed cost: $125 per person.
Materials and tools provided. If you have sensitive skin, latex gloves will be provided. Copper will be sharp so leather gloves are recommended. All safety precautions will be taken.

Artist Studio / 39995 Hwy 184, Mancos, Colorado

Minimum 4 students; Maximum 6 students


  • cut out copper shape with tin snips
  • grind edges smooth
  • texture with hammers, other tools
  • patina
  • enamel shapes for decoration, color, torch or kiln fire
  • apply and hang the horse

Marilyn Kroeker / Pottery, Enameling, Guitar

About the Artist:
Marilyn Kroeker is a diverse artist who has called Mancos her home for 30 plus years. Her mainstay is pottery, which spurred her interest in enameling. She paints in watercolor and recently rediscovered oils.

Marilyn plays guitar and sings in a  local band, Sweetwater Station. Her work can be found in her Mancos gallery Raven House.

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Workshop Details
Course ID : Copper Horse May
Date : Saturday May 26th
Place : Artist Studio Mancos
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Marilyn Kroeker
Marilyn Kroeker