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Make your own chalkboard art

All Levels

HelloZark Studio
March 10 & 11, 2018
Ages 16-Adult

$175.00 per person
All materials included. Local businesses have an opportunity to donate their chalkboards for students design and paint in time for the Mancos Melt event.

Ever wonder how sign painters do it? Do you drool over the lettering you see on Instagram and wish you could do that too? In this 2-day workshop we will cover everything you need to know to make a stand-out chalkboard for a business, event, or just for fun.

This class is designed for the business owner who wants an eye-catching chalkboard outside their shop, the artist who wants a fun side gig, or the aspiring artist who just wants to know how to start, what tools are needed and the tricks of the trade.

Does the sound of nails on a chalkboard drive you crazy? Don’t worry, we are using chalkboard markers in this class (note: there will be some squeaking). We will be using both wet wipe and semi-permanent markers so there will be no chalk dust mess or face masks needed.

In this class we will cover:

  • 3 different lettering styles: bold, script and casual
  • Techniques to help your letters stand out and basic color theory
  • Layout and design including basic icons and graphics
  • Materials and troubleshooting
  • You will also have an opportunity to create a chalkboard sign for a local business! We will talk about how to work with clients, what to charge, and ways to promote your work on social media.
  • Handouts and most materials will be supplied, you are also welcome to bring:
  • Sketchbook (if you frequently use one)
  • Pencil and/or other mark making instruments
  • Ruler (multiple sizes, please mark with your name)
  • If you currently have any examples of your work, chalkboards or markers you want to bring and share. Let’s cover the spectrum!
  • A sack lunch or snack (we will break for lunch but it can be a working lunch too)
  • An open mind and awesome attitude!
  • You can make this 2-day class as fun, relaxed or as intense as you want.

High-Level Agenda:
Saturday, Day 1

  • 9am-Noon: Welcome, lettering and fun!
  • Working lunch: We will break to give people a chance to grab lunch then “talk shop.” I will answer questions and shamelessly share my greatest successes and epic failures.
  • 1-4pm: Making your letters pop, drawing basics, layout and design, business basics, creative briefs, and cleanup.

Sunday, Day 2

  • 9am-11am: Optional for those who attend church. Welcome back, practice and geeking out on details of this work.
  • Working lunch: More geeking out and identifying opportunities to grow your chalkboard art passion
  • 1-4pm: Production time! Here is where you put all of your newly-acquired skills and natural ability into action. We will spend the afternoon creating the chalkboard sign assignments.

All signs must be done by the end of the workshop so we can deliver them to the customer. Think of it as a fun reality show where you don’t get eliminated, but celebrated for your hard-earned talent!

Minimum 8 students; Maximum 12 students

Heather Leavitt Martinez / Instructor

About the Artist:
Heather Leavitt Martinez has a passion for letters and loves sharing her knowledge with others. The idea to teach this chalkboard class came about when she was slaving over the 11 chalkboard signs for the Mancos Creative District’s “Mancos Winter Holiday Arts Market and Festival” on December 8 & 9, 2017. Ten of those signs were 2-sided! She kept thinking things like “if only we had a team of chalkboard artists for this project,” or “these signs are so fun to make, I want to create them with others…” Heather’s goal is to teach others about chalkboard art so that we can have beautiful signs around Mancos. So much so that maybe Mancos could be known for their chalkboard signs, adopt the tag line “Mancos, chalkboard capital of the world” (or something silly like that), and maybe someday have a festival for the art form. If this sounds like the crazy-fun time you were looking for, then please join us!

For more information about lettering, visit

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Course ID : Chalk It Up!
Date : March 10 - 11
Place : HelloZark Studio
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Heather Leavitt Martinez
Heather Leavitt Martinez
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