Steve Williams - Beginning Blacksmith
Workshop Overview
Saturday March 25th
Full day workshop
8:30AM to 5:30PM

Gain hands on experience with the basics of artist ironwork.
Steve is a great instructor and his students get so hooked they return again and again.

  • You will learn how to recognize different steels
  • How to use the coal forge.
  • Learn basic forging techniques
  • Make a center punch and cold chisel
  • Learn harding and tempering process.
  • If we have time we will make a simple pair of tongs.
  • Take home something you have made out of steel!
  • Only $160.00 for this full day.
Steve Williams / Instructor
Steve Williams / Instructor

Wear contain clothing, leather shoes, nothing that is flammable or will melt.

If you have a favorite pair of leather gloves and/or safety glasses, bring them –  if not they will be available for you

Wear cotton clothes, leather boots, and gloves if you prefer.

No synthetic!

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Workshop Details
Course ID : Beginners Blacksmith MAR25
Date : Mar 25 / 8:30-5:30
Place : Cowboy Forge / Mancos, Colorado
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Steve Williams
Steve Williams
Artistic Blacksmith