Mancos School of the West Workshops

When you enroll in a class or workshop at Mancos School of the West, you’ve embarked on a journey into an inspiring landscape of creativity. Learn skills from artistic masters in mediums ranging from iron work to mosaic, photography to fibers, set against the splendid backdrop of the beautiful and historic Mancos Valley.

Meet Our Instructors

Linda Rose, MFA

Writing, Weaving, & Fabric Design

Steve Williams

Artistic Blacksmith & Iron Work

Duncan Rose

Fly Fishing & Fly Making

Douglas Mehrens

Encaustic Arts

A.J. Costen


Dee McAliney

The Paper Artist

Suzanne Strazza

Writer, The Written Word

Rosie Carter

Dian Law

Silk Batik

Heather Leavitt Martinez

Carol van der Harten


Kyle Bauman

Willow Artisan

Jeri Burzin


Lily Russo

Mosaic Artis

Kelly Horrigan

Leather Craft

Shar Short

Fiber Arts

Veryl Goodnight

Western Sculptor & Painter

Jan Wright

Southwest Watercolor Artist

Linda Walters

Stained Glass

Rena Wilson

Interior Design

Janice T. Reich

Gourd Carving

Marilyn Kroeker

Pottery and Painting